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September 12, 2006
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Shiraha Hato by drgnelf Shiraha Hato by drgnelf
Ninja #2 and her faithful companion, Joshu.

Name: Shiraha Hato (First name: Dove, Last name: White feather)

Age: 18

Hidden Village: Sand

Rank: Chunin

Fighting style/Abilities: Hato is quite proficient in all areas of combat, though she is most comfortable using her specialty of feather control. Her most used weapon is her steel feather fan that she uses to fend off close-combat offenders and to enhance her basic air attacks.
When things begin to grow more difficult, Hato may choose to use her first summoning scroll (dark green and grey) to conjure up hundreds of small individual steel feathers to send flying at her opponent to cut them to shreds.
Her second scroll (lavender and tan) is used to summon her animal assistant, Joshu, who helps her send messages to her team, spy on enemies and other small tasks.
The final scroll (red and gold) is the Shiraha family's prized posession, Hato being only the third person in her family able to use it, and is used to summon a Phoenix-like bird of immense power. This summon is used only as the very last resort because summoning the creature can leave Hato in an extremely weakened state. Though summoning the entire creature is difficult, Hato is working on a way to merely summon the fire of the phoenix and use it at her will; though she has not made any major progress yet, she is optimistic about her studies.

Personality: Hato was named for her large, dark, dove-like eyes and quiet demeanor during her younger years. After a few years being raised with her aggressive older brother (named Taka meaing "hawk") Hato soon grew to be strong and determined as her older sibling. When it came time for Hato to receive her bird companion (members of the Shiraha family are named for different types of birds and receive a matching companion once they are promoted to Chunin) Hato was resentful that her brother had gotten a hawk as a partner, while she was stuck with a dove. Nonetheless, Hato named her feathered friend Joshu (meaning "assistant") and began to bond with the small bird. Joshu has become a staple in Hato's strategies and she has nearly forgotten about being jealous of her brother.
When off-duty, it is rare to find Hato without her teammates or her family, as she finds it hard to be content while by herself. She is usually quiet, only speaking up when something concerns her or is directly addressed since she usually finds it is more rewarding to listen and think over things before saying anything. She enjoys spending time with her team, since they seem to understand her the best and tend to put her in a better mood that usual. When she can't find comfort with her friends, her other confidential is usually her grandmother Fukuro (meaing "owl") who has always been a majore source of friendship and wisdom for Hato.
When in battle situations, Hato becomes excedingly focused and cautious, always thinking of a few strategies ahead of time. Though she denies that she ever accepted any title, Hato is usually regarded as the leading chunin on her team and is often the person the others look to for ideas when things get rough. No matter what the circumstances, however, Hato is constantly considering her teammates over herself, and becomes dangerously protective of her companions if any harm comes to them. Though there have been a few instances when she has gotten out of line because of her emotions, Hato usually can keep a level head during a tough situation in order work out a solution.

Name: Joshu

Age: 5

Personality: Fearless and loyal to Hato, Joshu never refuses to head into battle with his companion. Able to understand speech (though he isn't able to talk himself) Joshu is summoned to spy on enemies and uses his coos to communicate in code with Hato. When Hato is in danger, Joshu often attempts to help by diving and pecking at the enemy or rallying fellow birds to come to his aid.

The Narutoverse is (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Hato and Joshu are (c) me!
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