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Desert Rose Character Sheet by drgnelf Desert Rose Character Sheet by drgnelf
This is another Pheerai, the second in my set of three. Presenting Desert Rose, the tough girl of the bunch. The Pheerai are a race created by :iconmichelle84: . Just in case you were wondering, all my Pheerais are going to be female. Anyway, here's a little info on Desert Rose.

Desert Rose Stats
Age: 53 (she's a young'un ^.^)
Occupation: Currently she's making her way as a traveler and thief, but as time goes on she just might become a Harnn
Description: As I've said earlier, Desert Rose is somewhat of a tough girl. Living out in the untamed desert wilderness of Shaenalonn she grew hard and some might say emotionless at times. Shortly after reaching maturity restlessness settled in and Desert Rose decided to leave her homeland in search of something better than struggling to survive day to day. It was hard at first, but all the wonderous things she saw along the way were worth it. In all her time in the desert she had never seen such a thing as a forest and had only heard of them in what seemed like fairy tales that travelers told. Still hard and determined as ever she feels no remorse when stealing something to survive, but if she can help it she tries and repays her victims with any help she can provide.
Appearance: Being a traveler, Desert Rose doesn't have much time to be pondering over her outfits. Her hair is rarely taken from the leather bindings and the last time she wore a dress was when she was only a small child. Manuverablity is the key thing when it comes to her outfits. She carries the dagger shown and a small sword that I will get around to putting up in scraps later.

Pheerais © to :iconmichelle84:
Desert Rose © to me
MichelleHoefener Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2005  Professional Artist
She looks very desert like and rose like! I like her dusty desertish color scheme XD! I also like how you've used the Thief and Harnn jobs :XD: She's beautiful!
drgnelf Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much!
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